Keep Your School Campus Safe With The Right Security Measures

Keep Your School Campus Safe With The Right Security Measures

Sadly, the number of school shootings and other tragedies has not been going down, and there's no real indication that the number will drop in the near future. However, Waco schools still need to open every fall and give every child the best education possible, and so many Waco districts and campuses are adding extra security measures to keep everyone safe. So as troubling as it is to think about, it may be time for you to consider what security measures your campus has to protect its students.

Waco Access Control

Access control is possibly one of the most important aspects of a school campus security system.

  • Create a main entrance and make sure that campus visitors must use it. If you have to leave other doors unlocked to the outside for student access, make it clear that adult visitors who use it will be considered trespassing.
  • Create a monitored sign-in system so the school staff can challenge visitors, get them to sign their names, and then escort them to their destination (with someone left behind to monitor the door).
  • Monitor service entrances and use access cards and door buzzers to keep track of the janitorial staff and deliveries. Consider locking all the doors from the outside while the custodial staff is cleaning in the evening.
  • Make sure students and parents are aware of your policies and are helping enforce them.

Waco Monitoring Systems

A school should have a robust monitoring system that can keep track of the school building, the parking lots, and the sports fields. This means using security cameras, and preferably cameras that can capture HD footage so the security staff can get as much detail as possible. This helps camera monitors spot crimes before they can happen, and the footage can be a great help to any investigation that happens later. Monitoring also means training teachers and supervisors to look for trouble, identify the signs, and know what to do in each situation.

Waco Alarms

Another cornerstone of campus security is its alarm systems. Fire alarms and fire drills have been around for decades, but a modern school campus should also have a burglar alarm set up for when the building is supposed to be empty and an alarm the staff can trigger in case there's another kind of emergency that takes place during the day. A robust set of alarms is essential when it comes to a modern school's security system.

Parents demand that schools be a safe place for kids to go, and no teacher or principal want their campus to be dangerous, whether that danger should come from a troubled student or a disturbed adult. Even so, it's an unfortunate fact that many public schools don't have much of a budget to spare. Still, it's important to spend at least some money on security systems and security training, because the alternative isn't worth contemplating. offers a range of cameras and security systems, so have a look at what we offer and see what we have that fits your budget.

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