3 Things to Know Before you buy Security Cameras

3 Things to Know Before you buy Security Cameras

Security cameras can do a lot to improve the safety of your Waco, TX home. A discretely placed camera can capture unwanted individuals creeping around near your home, and they can help you spot lesser crimes like animals digging a den underneath your foundation or teenagers coming home hours after curfew.  While security cameras aren’t a fix for every problem, preparing your home for a surveillance system can be a rewarding experience.


Security Risks Of Security Cameras


Having cameras everywhere means you can expect someone to be watching whenever you’re out in public, but sometimes it’s not the right person.  Hackers can, and have, broken into internet-enabled security camera feeds.  A person with access can erase recordings, shut down the system, and even save recordings of you and your loved ones to use against you.  Depending on the system there is potential for nefarious actors, luckily, you can take steps to make it harder.


  • Always change your password from the default setting.

  • Use wired cameras where you can, wireless signals give hackers an extra point of entry. If you can’t avoid wireless connections, make sure the cameras use encrypted connections.

  • Keep your recordings on a local DVR with limited or no outside access or use a cloud service that encrypts all your information.


Quality Control


You can find a ton of brands and quality levels when you start shopping for security cameras in Waco, TX. For the most part, you get what you pay for:  low-end cameras can only offer clear views up to 20 feet away and keep track of movement at up to 40 feet, but high-end cameras that capture HD video can show you exactly what’s going on at ranges of up to 100 feet.  The question you have to ask is how much space you need a camera to monitor.

You should also consider if you need the other features that can make a camera expensive.  Night vision is common because a lot can happen when it’s too dark to see.  Motion detection lets a camera pan and zoom when something approaches, but that something could be a weed or a paper blown by the wind.  Wi-Fi capable cameras can also let you view and save recordings using your mobile devices.


The Importance Of Preparation


Most security camera systems aren’t “plug and play.”  You need to prepare your home to install your new cameras, and in many cases, you need to prepare cameras for the jobs they have.  If you don’t, you’ll be disappointed by their performance.

The thing about many outdoor cameras is that they don’t come with weatherproof housings.  The manufacturer expects you get the housing separately since doing so lets you customize the location and angles to match what you and your home need.  While the cameras can stand up to outdoor temperatures, rain will be a problem unless you deal with it separately.

Then there’s the wireless load.  If you decide to get wireless cameras, you can expect their live feeds to take over a typical 2G 2.4GHz wireless router.  You should arrange for the cameras to have an independent and secure access point or upgrade to a modern 5G, 5GHz connection.

Still, there’s one thing you can count on with security camera systems, and that’s customer service.  If you decide to do business with our company, we’ll gladly answer any questions you have about the cameras and services we offer and do so in a timely manner.  You should know what you’re getting when you get security cameras, and we can supply you with the knowledge you need.

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