Have You Considered Installing a Home Security Camera?

Have You Considered Installing a Home Security Camera?

How much time and money do you spend on home security in Waco?  Is just the door bolt enough for you, or do you have an alarm system activated whenever you leave your house?  Do you have a standing contract with a security company, and will they send the police around if someone trips the alarm?


Even if you’re on the low end of the security scale and you don’t normally spend much on your home security system, you could benefit from installing a security camera or two at key locations around your home.  You have a right to monitor your own property.  Plus, a camera that catches illegal activity is useful both for catching perpetrators and for making sure they receive justice.


Security Camera Types in Waco, TX


If you’re thinking of buying a surveillance camera for your home, you should be aware of the different camera types available.  Each one has different applications and offers different benefits.


  • DVR cameras.  This type of camera shares its name with your cable-recording system because it works the same way:  one or more cameras constantly record their footage onto a hard drive or memory system and you can review the footage at any time.  Costs are affordable but they can go up if they come with extra cameras, more storage space, and better visual quality like HD recordings, night vision, and infrared.  Having local storage is convenient, but keep in mind burglars can steal it if they find it.

  • Cloud-based cameras.  These cameras use a wireless connection and remote cloud servers to deliver their recorded footage to a location no home invader or nosy neighbor can touch.  You can also access the footage wherever you are using your authorized mobile devices.  However, in exchange, these wireless cameras can cost around double a DVR camera, $180 and up, plus you’ll need to pay a subscription fee for storage.

  • Hidden cameras.  Hidden cameras can be DVR or cloud-based, but their real advantage is that they don’t draw attention to themselves.  Modern cameras can be almost microscopic, and so a concealed camera can look like anything the designers can think of:  pencils, water bottles, or just a part of the roof.  Hidden cameras can be had at affordable rates.


Pros Of Security Cameras in Waco


The essential benefit of security cameras is the extra layer of surveillance and security they provide.  Security systems get enough false positives that they normally don’t alert the police without audio verification that there’s an emergency.  However, if they can see an intruder on your camera feeds that’s also enough to call the police.


There’s also the deterrence factor.  Burglars tend to be paranoid and easy to scare, and police often say the best security system is a loud dog who barks whenever someone opens the front door.  Visible cameras on the outside walls are often enough for burglars to look for easier targets, and some homeowners install fake cameras for exactly that reason.


Cons Of Security Cameras


Cameras may deter some burglars, but not all of them.  They also don’t guarantee the criminal will be caught, even if they get a good look at the burglar’s face.  Also, cameras are passive security, so without a security alarm, they’re only useful after the fact.  There’s also the loss of privacy problem, but now that everyone has a camera people are much more used to the idea that someone could record them anywhere they go.


If you’re thinking of buying a security camera, consider what our company has to offer.  We pride ourselves on offering some of the best camera systems around, including ones that will suit your needs.  Cameras won’t solve all your security problems, but they’re an essential part of any comprehensive security system.

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